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This website serves as my primary genealogy database, and I welcome colloboration with others.  

The 2,718 individuals, 868 families, and 575 surnames recorded on this website comprise the extended Towler/Toler/Toller and allied Families from which I descend and have been able to document.  Currently there are 1,427 individuals that have sources, and I am always working on getting that number closer to the  2,718 number.

This family tree is a work in progress and as such is in a near-constant state of flux and was last updated on August 9, 2018 .  The collection of family data found on this website is by no means complete (will it ever be? ), and is almost guarenteed to contain a few errors.  It is my hope that you can offer corrections and/or wish to contribute additional information, pictures, or documentation.

This website contains information compiled through the meticulous and time-consuming efforts of many relatives and friends as well as other participating family researchers, and include contributions by several distant ''cousins''.  To date this website contains 57 different source citations (and always looking to add more), and 593 multimedia items to enhance the quality of the website.  I am striving to have the as much of the data sourced and annotated as I can.  New photos and census transcriptions are added as I get them. I always aim to have genealogy of high quality recorded on this site.

Todate the research has uncovered 724 unique locations that are associated with the tree.   These family branches have deep roots in early Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia, by way of very early colonial Virginia.

Individual distribution chart

Individual distribution chart
Highest populationLowest populationNobody at all

Family members can contact me to get full access to the database, which includes living individuals. I do ask for some information on your lineage to guard against the "data harvesters" and other unpleseant folk. If you wish to contribute to the database, adding or correcting information, please let me know. I welcome collaboration.

NOTE:  Registration to view deceased ancestors on this site is not necessary. You need only register if you plan to participate by contributing information and materials via our online databases.


Whoops..... No backup either....
July 21, 2018 - 1:28:48 a.m.


November 8, 2011 - 9:09:13 p.m.

Ok, So I did a dumb thing.  I was messing around with the family tree and in specific the GEDCOM record and I ended up screwing the Towler - Toler gedcom file.  As a result I have lost roughly 123 people that had been added to the tree.  The biggest issue was that I did not have a back up gedcom file that was less than 60 days old. 

I think that I can "re-create" some of these individuals, but Others I am sure that I will not be able to and thus I am stuck.

I am sorry to those who have helped, but fear not, I have implemented a system so that I will have more regular backups.  Like 30 days or less backup.

On another note, unrelated to me screwing up, I have updated the system to the latest version.

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This family tree was last updated on August 9, 2018.

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